MMCX linear antenna 5,8ghz adapted to the desired channel for DJI HD FPV system


Technical specifications: - Frequency range: 5,725-5,850 GHz - Cable: RG176 LowLoss - Weight: approx. 2gr - Total length: approx. 100mm (or desired length up to 170mm) - Connection: MMCX - Can be used for TX e.g .: DJI HD System (MMCX connector compatible) - Polarization: Linear - CONTENT: 1 piece

Category: Antennen für DJI HD FPV System

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A very small and light antenna.
Is used where there is little space and the original antennas cannot be installed well due to lack of space.
Therefore very suitable for medium and small racers where the full range is not required.
They can be optimally installed and thus have fewer problems with malfunctions from carbon or battery (aluminum).
We adapt them to your desired channel and length for free.
Then please specify your channel in "MHz" and the entire length when ordering.

If you do NOT specify a channel, it will be delivered in channel 5: 5805 MHz.

ATTENTION: TWO antennas are required for the transmitter!


Mount the antennas in a V shape on top of your flight model.
You can do that with cable ties and shrink tubing!

About himself:

Channel 1: 5660 MHz
Channel 2: 5695 MHz
Channel 3: 5735 MHz
Channel 4: 5770 MHz
Channel 5: 5805 MHz
Channel 6: 5878 MHz
Channel 7: 5914 MHz
Channel 8: 5839 MHz
Channel 1: 5735 MHz
Channel 2: 5770 MHz
Channel 3: 5805 MHz
Channel 8: 5839 MHz
Channel 1: 5660 MHz
Channel 2: 5700 MHz
Channel 8: 5745 MHz

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