U.FL Double Quad HEAT DEFORMABLE 5.8ghz LHCP for DJI HD FPV Caddx Vista System


Technical specifications:

- Frequency range: 5.8 GHz
- 5000-6000MHz
- Cable: RG178 LowLoss
- Weight: approx. 8 gr
- Total length: about 125 mm
- Connection: U.FL
- For TX with u.fl connector
- Total gain: 2.32 dbic
- Antenna design by: Timo Hochhaus

Package contents:

- 1x Double Quad Bendable LHCP U.FL

Category: U.FL Antennen


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Speciel for Caddx Vista!

This antenna is bendable, small, light but still stable!

Thanks to their U.FL connection, they can be connected directly to the transmitter.

Each antenna is handmade and measured with almost SWR 1

A special construction ensures an optimally stable picture.
Blind spots have been greatly reduced, the result is an antenna that can handle very difficult situations very well.


To bend the antenna, heat the "thick black piece" (cable) where you want to bend it, e.g. with a lighter.
Then bend it in the desired position and hold this position for about 3 minutes until the cable has cooled down.
If the black cable shows marks from bending, then heat the cable again slightly, then the marks are smoothed out again. Please do not make it so hot that the cable blows up (do not overdo it)
Then you can use the antenna with zb. FIX cable ties. Please note that there is no pressure or tension on the small U.FL connection (plug). After plugging in the U.FL connector, fix it to the transmitter with a drop of hot glue. Have fun flying!

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5 from 5 Beste Antennen !!!!

Einfach die besten Antennen !!!!

., 20.03.2022
5 from 5 Da braucht man nicht viel zu sagen, perfekt wie immer!!!

Danke Timo, für die sehr schnelle Lieferung!!!
Ich kaufe meine Antennen nur noch bei Dir, sind einfach die besten!!! ;-)

., 11.03.2022
Total entries: 2

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